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"my work is loving the world"

9/10/04, 6:50 p.m. - NYC

Standing at the corner of West Broadway and Beach Street in Tribeca. Friday afternoon Holland Tunnel traffic is stopped for a few blocks.

A luxury SUV stops in front of me, driven by a stocky, sporty black guy wearing a beige t-shirt. He chats with his friend in the passenger seat as they wait for traffic to move. They're close enough that I can easily hear the conversation inside their car.

Two tall, geeky white guys walk up to the corner, waiting for the walk signal. One guy wears glasses and a blue suit, and carries a briefcase.

Geeky Guy: Are those 24s?

It takes a second for the Sporty Guy to realize that Geeky's talking to him.

Geeky (indicating his tires): 24s? Jordans?

Sporty: 24s.

Geeky (nods, looks them over): They're lookin' good, man.

Sporty: Thanks.

The traffic moves, and the SUV drives away. Geeky turns proudly to his friend and to me, and smiles broadly.

His friend, whose shirt is untucked over jeans turns to him

Friend: You sure know your tires.
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